GizLie Portable Shop is a creative platform created by Gizem and Nathalie, two friends with a thirst for storytelling. Their creations are intertwined with their life and answer a need they found within themselves and want to share with others who might relate as well.

That is why the mediums used on GizLie vary and can take the form of an all natural does, posters or bottles, or closeted memos, to name a few.

GizLie is currently located in Istanbul, Turkey but is spreading its wings, finding homes in other Shops and popping up at Fairs in Europe, hence the Portable Shop! You can check the Where to Find Our Creations page for more info about that.

If you’d like to stay tuned with GizLie and know when we have a new creation coming out, when we have sales, and where we are, we recommend you to subscribe to our newsletter. (Don’t worry, we don’t send one unless we have something to say!)