100 Days Project - Elle Luna - GizLie.com

Join Us in Our Journey to Complete a 100 Day Project!

We have been greatly inspired by artist Elle Luna and her extended invitation to anybody motivated to do a 100 Days project.

So much so that both of us have decided to conduct our own 100 Day Project and share it on our personal accounts and, if all goes well, we will be able to make weekly recap/best-of of what we have been up to creating daily for 100 days (on the side of the other things we are doing of course.)

Giz will be doing 100 Days of Doodling Adventures and Lie will be doing 100 Days of Rondas.
Here are the different Hashtags you can check to stay follow along:

  • #100daysofdoodlingadventures
  • #100daysofrondas
  • #the100dayproject (to have a look at everybody who is doing it!)

Here is a look at our announcements on instagram:

And you can do it too!!! It’s not too late! You can read all the details about it here, pick a project, pick your hashtag, let us know if you do, and let’s roll together!

To a 100 days of unpredictable, hopefully creative, possible surprising adventures!