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Resolutions vs. Shades of Thoughts

2015 just started and, like everybody else, we spent the first few days making a list of our GizLie goals for this new year.

We are very excited about what’s to come, but sometimes things just don’t go as planned from the get go.

Our mind is excited but our body let us down.
Our body is healthy but our mind circles toward dark clouds of thoughts.
Or the world seems not to have received the memo about our resolutions, and decides to throw couple of obstacles at us.

In those moments, we remind ourselves that, that’s ok.

We created this set of stones, that embodies the shades of mood we found ourselves in, over and over again, no matter the year, our age or the time of day.
Things keep changing, and the same way we can’t cling on a feeling of ‘happiness‘, we must remember that ‘unhappiness‘ is something that will fade out too.

And it’s all ok.

So, if you find yourself in a place you thought you were safe from ever falling into again, don’t see it as a failure on your part, a sign you’re doing something wrong, or that your new year’s resolutions won’t ever happen.

Just keep walking, creating and dreaming.
The rest will solve itself out.

Mischief, and Imagination, and Love, and Papaya,

Giz & Lie