Gift Cards -

Our Gift Card Is Out and Ready to Be Sent Away!

What started as a quick sketch during a lunch break at Helvetia became this colorful gift card!

The full process from idea to printed creation was completed in a month, although it felt at time much more longer than that -especially the night where we lost 3 hours of color tweaking on the computer *hum, command + S*.

But in the end, the result is what we hoped for when we first talked about doing a gift card that would celebrate happy events!

We wanted something filled with colors,  lively, and something that could work for any occasion, whether it be a birthday, christmas, new year etc. We hope you’ll like it too!

Check the creations section for more details for the card. It will be available on December 1st on our Etsy shop!! (Yess, we are opening our etsy shop- very excited :))  For Turkish peeps, you can order it via the order form section.

To Be Continued…

Gift Card - 2

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