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How to Be Creative?

For as long as we can remember we have heard people saying they are not creative, as if Creativity was something that some of us received at birth, and others didn’t.

Like many we, at GizLie, believe that creativity is a muscle we are all born with, and that like any other muscle, if you don’t use it, it atrophies. So it is not surprising that many adults who have been cut away from any creative activity for decades see this word as a very foreign land that doesn’t concern them.

The good news is: like any muscle, as soon as you start using it, it expands and grows stronger!

Yesterday we tried to sum up what we think the primary three steps necessary to be creative are, and you might be surprised at how simple those are.

How to Be Creative - Step 1 -

Step 1: When bored, entertain yourself only using your head

We believe being bored is extremely important, even if it’s not that pleasant of a feeling. The problem with today’s world is that being bored has become a rare currency: you can just plug on the Internet and find something that will entertain you in a second.

But when we were kids, we had plenty of time for being bored, and during those long stretch of hours with nothing but our head and hands, we had no other choice but dig into our imagination to entertain ourselves.

As adults, we have had some of our best ideas while being bored, stuck in night classes, conferences or social events. If you find yourself bored by your current situation, repress from taking out your phone, lighting a cigarette, turning on the TV, or surfing on the Internet. Let the boredom sink in and instead, enter the Powerful Land that is your head, contemplate the flow of thoughts crossing your mind and when one captures your attention, start playing with it.

This mind-cardio gets easier and easier with time, and before you’ll know it, connecting unlikely dots and capturing thin thread of thoughts will become one of your favorite sport.

How to Be Creative - Step 2 -

Step 2: When back in real life from daydreaming, entertain yourself finding how to make your idea happen

We all daydream, and step 1 is essentially that: professional daydreaming. Step 2 is what makes the difference between being a daydreamer and being a maker. Step 2 is about taking the dream that formed in your head, and deciding what shape it could take in the real world.

You’ll have to ask yourself what medium you enjoy or want to explore (it can be writing, drawing, filming, singing, knitting, sculpting etc.), and what can you make, realistically. Maybe you have an idea for a giant under-water sculpture that would travel under the oceans, but if you can’t make that happen now, what can you make?

Trying to make something out of nothing is the hardest step, but also the most gratifying one. It gives a high like no other, and you can get hooked quickly, especially if you let go of the idea of having to do something that must be loved by thousands to deserve existing.

How to Be Creative - Step 4 -

Step 3: Congratulations, you are being creative!

And yes, that’s about it.

All it takes to be creative is letting yourself time to think differently, and then try to give shape to this difference of yours out in the real world.

Now go get bored and create something out of it!

Mischief & Imagination from Giz, Love & Papaya from Lie

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